How it works - How to make Media monitoring

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This video is about how you can read videos abroad or from other countries

Try it - it is easy!


Search in English

Search for "invest" or "property" a cross Europe

You can search for "property" in Danish articles!
A more complex search would be, you want to find all articles, where EU is mentioned with investment in energy.
Then write: "EU_invest_energy~100". This mean that you will get articles where the words "EU", "invest*" and "energy" is mention with a distance of 100 words.
Note that English words are stemmed.
The stem of a word is not based on spelling. For example, running and ran have the same stem (run) even though their spellings are quite different. For example, conserve (verb) and conservation (noun) are not considered to have the same stem because they have different parts of speech.

Note that Entities like "Danmark", "Bornholm" and "Lars Løkke Rasmussen" (persons and places) are not translated to English.

If you want to search for the company "Freeway" and you search for "Freeway", then all highway accidents will also be appear.
But you search for "freeway english:off" then you will only get articles with the company "freeway".

More explicit search

Danske Bank

If you want to search within one site only. Write for example: "Danske Bank" (without www)

Danske Bank -cat:SPORT

If you don't want articles from the SPORT category

Only positive stories?

If you only want positive stories, try: "Danske Bank feelings:pos" or if you want the negative ones "Danske Bank feelings:neg"

Search within a date range

If you only want to see article about Danske Bank, within a date range, try: "Danske Bank date:2019-05-01TO2019-05-05"
Please note, that you need to be VIP-customer, to be able to search more than 6 months back.


Get Email notification or get a PUSH notifications for your Mac or your Chrome browser

When you make a search, you can save the search and then it becomes a SearchProfile!
On a SearchProfile you can decide if you want email notification, push notification or none.
Email notifications works for all, but Push notification only works on Mac or within the Chrome browser. But it is really nice, to be updated during the day.