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Who is is a new Danish Startup created by Poul Sloth and Sebastian Berg.
We launched the site in June 2019 and our aim is to make the best news site ever.
We generate all news automatic without having an editor. Already we give our users the best possibilities to search but also monitor in media across countries free or for a very limited fair. The site is dynamic and we will make updates from time to time to improve the experience even more.
Please view our “How It Works” and discover the features.

CEO - Sebastian Berg

Sebastian Berg aka Mr. Search has +20 years of experience with programming, Java, Linux and +13 years with NoSQL.
Sebastian says about "Our dream is to create a website where you can read news, get a better understanding about different point of views - but also monitor news"
"We want to take technologies to edge and see what happens - this will sometimes give pretty good results and sometimes not. We made the functionality '360 degrees overview of this story' and this is just the beginning of our ideas".

Sebastian Berg

Poul Sloth

Poul Sloth

Poul Sloth aka The Entrepreneur, has +35 years of experience from trade, manufacturing and market research as owner, investor, inventor or by management. Now dedicated to make being the best news site ever.