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If you wish to have more features - just contact us and you will get them ;-)
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Use because we have over ~25 countries and is all the time growing. We have downloaded the hole internet 5 times. Found top 10.000 biggest websites from each country and top 30.000 from USA and Russia. We pull 4-6 times per hour on websites that have many new news and 2-3 times per day on websites that is not updated daily.
You can use us, how you want for a small amount of money.
We have a huge amount of data, that is not presented in the standard API. So if you think something is missing or you want something else, please contact us. We can very fast make a speciel end-point for you.

Please note: Please add userID and apiToken to all of your requests! All of these examples are limited hard to your IP address. If you want to have more requests per day, you should sign up and pay ;-)
When you have a user, click on "Account Details" scroll to the bottom, where you will find userID and apiToken. Like:
curl "" | jq

Simple search with logical AND / OR

"Space = AND"
", = OR"
"_ = space"

If you search for "Danske Bank", you will get articles where both the word "Danske" and the word "Bank" is in the article. Since you added a space between the words
If you search for "Danske_bank", you will get articles where the string "Danske Bank" is in the article.
curl ",jyske_bank+cat:BUSINESS&page=1&pageSize=4&country=DK&showWithoutFilter=false&maxPerHost=2" | jq

If you want to have articles where Danske Bank and Jyske Bank is mentioned, then you should write: "Danske_bank,Jyske_Bank" with no space.

If you want articles with Danske Bank, but without the word loan. Write: "Danske_Bank -loan"

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News API Deutschland

Search in English

Search for "invest" or "property" a cross Europe

You can search for "property" in Danish articles!
A more complex search would be, you want to find all articles, where EU is mentioned with investment in energy.
Then write: "EU_invest_energy~100". This mean that you will get articles where the words "EU", "invest*" and "energy" is mention with a distance of 100 words.
Note that English words are stemmed.
The stem of a word is not based on spelling. For example, running and ran have the same stem (run) even though their spellings are quite different. For example, conserve (verb) and conservation (noun) are not considered to have the same stem because they have different parts of speech.
curl "" | jq

Note that Entities like "Danmark", "Bornholm" and "Lars Løkke Rasmussen" (persons and places) are not translated to English.

If you want to search for the company "Freeway" and you search for "Freeway", then all highway accidents will also be appear.
But you search for "freeway english:off" then you will only get articles with the company "freeway".

More explicit search

Danske Bank

If you want to search within one site only. Write for example: "Danske Bank" (without www)

Danske Bank -cat:SPORT

If you don't want articles from the SPORT category

Only positive stories?

If you only want positive stories, try: "Danske Bank feelings:pos" or if you want the negative ones "Danske Bank feelings:neg"

Search within a date range

If you only want to see article about Danske Bank, within a date range, try: "Danske Bank date:2019-05-01TO2019-05-05"
Please note, that you need to be VIP-customer, to be able to search more than 6 months back.

curl "," | jq
News API Sweden
Status page

Our status page

Our status page is accessible all the time. You can see it on this URL:

Slack or Webhooks

If you want to integrate to your Slack or another Webhook. Please contact us :-)

News API integrate with Slack

Search for "Big stories"

If you want to seach for "Big stories", we have made a special keyword for this: "Coffee"
This will give you the biggest stories from the last 24 hours. We have a AI engine running on all articles, so it is AI selected.
curl "" | jq

You can also combine this with other keywords and queries, but please keep in mind, that it will only provide articles from the last 24 hours.
Here we make a search for EU and we search for Coffee, to get the "Big stories"
curl "" | jq
Note: The query needs to start with the word 'Coffee' - in this casing

All the details

  • cat:CATEGORY(s)

    Ex. cat:BUSINESS

  • Not include

    You can search for Melania Trump, without Donald. Would be: query=melania+trump+-Donald.
    If you want to name to stand correct inside the article, you can write Melania_Trump: query=melania_trump+-Donald.
    So '+' URL encode for space that means AND. ',' comma means OR. '-' minus means not include

  • pageSize

    You deside your own pageSize - when you are a customer. But the bigger pageSize you select, the longer response time from the server.
    We recommend NOT to use a pageSize bigger 50.

  • showWithoutFilter

    If you set this to true, the API will not run any post filters. If you set it to false, the server will try to filter the articles to you, so the are not 100% identical. Many news providers are coping the stories from Reuters or AP. This mean that the articles are more or less identical. With showWithoutFilter=false, the API will try to solve this problem.

  • cSessionID

    This is a lot like showWithoutFilter. Here you provide your client's session ID to API. Then the API will try to filter the articles, so even if your client is paging, the amount of identical stories should be less.

  • Indirect searching

    MENTIONS is the default size of the search threshold. So if you search for the pharmaceutical company Novo Nordisk. query=Novo_Nordisk. You will get all articles where Novo Nordisk is mentioned.
    ABOUT If you search for the pharmaceutical company Novo Nordisk, with the size=ABOUT. query=Novo_Nordisk&size=ABOUT. The API will try to select all articles that is about Novo Nordisk, as one of the main entities in the article
    INDIRECT If you search for the pharmaceutical company Novo Nordisk, with the size=INDIRECT. query=Novo_Nordisk&size=INDIRECT. The API will try to select all articles that is about Novo Nordisk or what it thinks is related to Novo Nordisk. The idea is, that if there is an article with the CEO of Novo Nordisk, even without Novo Nordisk is mentioned, the INDIRECT will try to find it. (Results are sometimes really good and sometimes less good)
    WIDE If you search for the pharmaceutical company Novo Nordisk, with the size=WIDE. query=Novo_Nordisk&size=WIDE. The API will try to select all articles that is about Novo Nordisk or what it thinks is related to Novo Nordisk - but really WIDE. (Results are normally not that good, unless you want to dig into something...)

  • maxPerHost=2

    maxPerHost is a POST filter, that will limit the result, so all articles are not coming from a single host

Which countries/areas do we cover?

At moment we cover:

  • ASIA:Asia
  • AU:Australia
  • BY:Belarus
  • CA:Canada
  • DK:Denmark
  • EE:Estonia
  • EE_RU:Estonia-ru
  • EE_EN:Estonia-en
  • ES:España
  • FI:Finland
  • FR:France
  • GB:Great Britain
  • DE:Germany
  • IS:Iceland
  • IL:Israel
  • LT:Lithuania
  • LT_RU:Lithuania-ru
  • LT_EN:Lithuania-en
  • LV:Latvia
  • LV_RU:Latvia-ru
  • LV_EN:Latvia-en
  • NZ:New Zealand
  • NO:Norway
  • NL:Netherlands
  • PL:Poland
  • RU:Russia
  • SE:Sweden
  • TR:Turkey
  • US:USA

Soon we will also cover:
  • AL:Albania
  • Austria:Austria
  • BR:Brazil
  • BE:Belgium
  • BG:Bulgaria
  • CY:Cyprus
  • CZ:Czech Republic
  • GR:Greece
  • HU:Hungary
  • IE:Ireland, Republic of Ireland
  • IT:Italy
  • LI:Liechtenstein
  • LU:Luxembourg
  • MT:Malta
  • MX:Mexico
  • MD:Moldova
  • MK:Macedonia
  • PT:Portuguese
  • RS:Serbia
  • RO:Romania
  • SK:Slovakia
  • SI:Slovenia
  • CH:Switzerland
  • UA:Ukraine
  • VA:Vatican

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